Spanish Courses.

P3303912bis Bla Bla Company is backed by an 18-year experience. During this time, we have offered Spanish courses of many kinds and levels, such as private courses, continued training for foreign workers as well as courses for companies and students.

We have had students from different countries, like Portugal, Great Britain, China, France, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Morocco, Austria, United States, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Egypt and many more.

Our courses for every level (where appropriate) start every working Monday in the year according to our Bla Bla Company Calendario Bla Bla 2017

Classes start at 9.30 am from Monday to Friday and they last 50 minutes.

P3303918bis course should be paid in advance under the conditions below:

  • Classes must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance, and you will need to pay 25% of the course price to book it. The rest of the price (75%) will be paid on your arrival to Bla Bla Company, just before the course start.

Services included in the price:

  1. Level test
  2. Class material
  3. Classes
  4. to our APP by the students and their family for teaching follow-up
  5. Map of Granada with useful information
  6. Four extra activities
  7. Information about other extra activities
  8. Guidance

Groups are made up of a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 8 people.

Courses offered by BlaBla & Company:



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Bla Bla Company offers “special courses for groups”. Ask for a personalized price for an “all-included” pack.


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